Acri Law Offices

Enduring the death of a loved one is both an emotional and stressful experience.  Acri Law Office is skilled at navigating the estate tax and probate process, helping you derive the maximum benefits from your loved one's estate.  

Estates & Probate

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Planning for the future helps relieve stress for both you and your loved ones.  Acri Law Offices takes the time to create customized personal documents to fit your specialized needs, and to ensure that your wishes are clearly communicated to family and friends.  

Powers of Attorney are important tools families can use to make legal and financial decisions on behalf of loved ones who are not able to make these decisions for themselves.  These tools are best prepared long before they are needed.  

Living Wills communicate a person's wishes regarding their medical care, even after that person becomes incapacitated.  This legal tool often goes hand-in-hand with a Power of Attorney.   

Wills & Estate Planning